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Note that Asteroids: Outpost is still in its very early testing stage, so controls are bound to be switched and adjusted.

Controls[edit | edit source]

When playing Asteroids: Outpost for the first time, it is a good idea to play with the controls for a bit. One of the most important aspects is using the mouse to aim.

Other Controls
A Moves the character
to the left
Iron sights, on the
Sniper Scope
X Toggle between Automatic
Rifle and the Sniper Rifle
D Moves the character
to the right
Plant or claim flag, fire weapon
or place object
Q Quick-slot for the
Last Used Weapon
S Moves the character
to the back
E Interacts with objects like Consoles,
or to hop on the Big Turret
I Opens the Inventory Menu
W Moves the characters
ESC exit the Modules/mode
(when E doesn't do it)
M Opens up the Map Menu
Mouse Controls the character's aim ENTER Opens up the Chat Window ALT
Super Secret Dev
Crafting Window
Space Makes the character
use the jetpack
C Toggle between the first
& Third Person Camera
ESC Opens the Character Sheet Menu
1 Use the Assault Rifle
or the Sniper Rifle
3 Use the Heavy Mining Tool B Opens the Build Menu
2 Use the Small Mining Tool 4 Use the Repair Tool R Rotate placeable object