Asteroids: Outpost Wiki

Once Asteroids: Outpost has loaded, choose your Character Name and click Continue, then you'll want to Click "Custom Servers" and select an available server from the list.


As with any new Gold Rush you'll need to stake a claim, once you've chosen a server, a Claim Map will appear. If other players have already joined the server, you'll see their names next to their claims. Choose a spot on the map that isn't already occupied by left-clicking on it. For best results, try to choose an open area away from the mountains.

Your miner will appear on the map in a top-down view, holding a Claim Flag. Find a nice, flat spot with room to build and left-click to plant your Flag. NOTE: To get a better view of your surroundings, you can click "C" to switch to first-person mode before you plant your flag.

Once you've planted your flag, your HQ will automatically build itself with you inside of it and you're ready to start playing.


Getting a move on! Moving around the world is similar to any other game. W,A,S,D will move you in the usual directions and Spacebar will cause you to jump. Take a look over at the Controls page for additional movement controls.


You are wearing a Jetpack which not only allows you to speed forward (like a sprint) but also lets you fly upward a little and/or quickly move in any direction (either on the ground or while in the air). To fly straight up with the jetpack, hold down SHIFT. To move quickly in a direction, either on the ground or while in the air, hold down SHIFT + a movement key (W,A,S,D).

Keep in mind that the jetpack uses Energy/Fuel when you fire it. You will see it drain from the Jetpack meter at the bottom right of your screen. When the meter is depleted, the Jetpack will stop working until the meter begins to refill. The meter will automatically refill when you stop pressing SHIFT.


  • Assault Rifle / Sniper Rifle - This is your weapon. It can transform between a standard auto Assault Rifle (spray and pray) and a Sniper Rifle with scope. It uses craftable bullets rather than Energy.
  • Nanopick - This is the Small Mining Tool. It is the tool you start with and allows you to mine ore from fallen Asteroids by aiming at them and holding down the LEFT-MOUSE button. It will mine more slowly and less efficiently than the Heavy Mining Tool. To mine ore, just point it at a fallen Asteroid and hold LEFT-MOUSE until the Asteroid disappears.
  • Quantum Tunneller - This is the larger of the mining tools. In the final game, you will have to craft this tool. It will allow you to mine faster and more efficiently than the Small Mining Tool and will likely allow you to mine larger rocks than would be possible with the Small Mining Tool. To mine ore, just point it at a fallen Asteroid and hold LEFT-MOUSE until the Asteroid disappears.
  • Repair Tool - This is the tool you use to fix your broken Base pieces. Simply point it at any part of a broken Base piece and hold LEFT-MOUSE until the Base piece is fixed.


In its regular mode, the Assault Rifle (1 on the keyboard) will fire as you would expect (left-mouse) and use iron sights (hold right-mouse).

One of the coolest aspects of the Assault Rifle is that you can reconfigure it, Transformer style, into a Sniper Rifle and use the long-range scope (hold right-mouse when in Sniper Rifle mode).

To transform the Assault Rifle into the Sniper Rifle:

  • 1) Hold the Assault Rifle (1 on your keyboard or scroll the mouse wheel until it appears)
  • 2) Press X

To transform the Sniper Rifle back into the Assault Rifle simply press X again.


After firing on the incoming asteroids, they'll change and you'll be able to go outside, you'll see the rocks you shot down littering the terrain. These rocks contain ore and can be mined.

To mine an ore rock, you can use your Small Mining Tool (2) or your Heavy Mining Tool (3). Walk up to the rock, aim, and hold down the left mouse button. Ore will fly at you. When the rock is depleted of all its ore, it will disappear. Keep in mind that both the Heavy Mining Tool and the Small Mining Tools will use energy as you mine. When the energy is depleted, the Tool will stop firing and you will hear a clicking (like a gun that's out of ammo). To recharge your weapon, re-enter your base and wait for your energy to refill.


See Oxygen for more info about surviving without O2.


See the Crafting menu for how to craft.


Below is a list of The Buildings you can craft from the Building menu:

Solar Array.png
4-Way Connector.png
Big Turret.png
Vehicle Pad.png
Solar Array Greenhouse Factory Storage 4-Way Connector Hallway Big Turret Vehicle Pad


When your Base pieces are damaged past a certain threshold, they will reflect the damage visually. They will appear broken, lights will flash, red lights will go on inside, and sparks and jets of escaping O2 will appear. Completely destroyed Base pieces should not replenish your oxygen when you're inside them.

If you hover your mouse over certain parts of any Base piece (generally in the center, often near the roof), you will see a number reflecting the remaining health of that Base piece.

You can repair your Base piece.

  • 1) Select your Repair Tool (4 on the keyboard)
  • 2) Aim the Repair Tool at any part of the broken Base piece
  • 3) Hold left-mouse until the damage is completely repaired.

Note that the connecting hallways between Base pieces do not have their own health. They will spark and appear broken when damaged, but you can't repair them directly. To fix a broken hallway/connector, you'll need to repair the Base piece to which it's connected. Fixing that Base piece will automatically fix the connector piece as well.